Archive / February, 2016

The Notesman Wallet

The compact combination of notepad, ink pen, and wallet features all wrapped up into one beautiful handmade wallet.  The Notesman is that perfect blend and its one of our new 2016 products!  Small enough to fit in your pants or jacket pocket yet large enough to take notes and use a full size telescopic ink […]

Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo Repair

  A recent pair of Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo that came into the shop for repair from Texas & New York.  I normally replace handles with very light/non-finished leather to hold true to the materials used to make Louis Vuitton bags however I had to color match some original pieces with have the classic leather […]

The Tiny Bi-Fold Wallet

  Our newest addition to the Duvall Leatherwork wallet line is the “Tiny Bi-Fold Wallet”.  This wallet is perfect for those who carry a traditional bi-fold wallet but are looking for a smaller option.  This wallet holds 8 + credit cards and has a bill opening that will fit about 10 – 12 US bills.  […]