16Aug 2013

Dog collars now available!

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Duvall Leatherwork dog collars and leashes are handmade by skilled artisans in our Pennsylvania workshop. Rugged and durable these fine leather products will stand the test of time and serve your best friend well. Click here to explore our products... http://staging.duvallleatherwork.com/shop/ And thank you for supporting American manufacturing!

16Aug 2013


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Lead filled US belt plates, eagle breast plates, and US cartridge box plates are hardware parts we constantly use. These two dozen US cartridge box plates all cleaned up and ready to be attached to Federal Issue Cartridge Boxes! Enjoy!

16Aug 2013

Wallets & Card Cases!

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Coming soon...... Card Cases & Wallets! I'm trying to figure out how many plastic cards should fit in some of the cases & wallets. Maybe you can help... How many different plastic cards do you carry on a everyday basis?

9Jul 2013

Oiling Leather

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Every historical reproduction we make is oiled with 100% Neatsfoot oil and finished with J&E Sedgwick leather grease. This small yet important step gives our leather a look and feel that has always separated Duvall Leatherwork from everything else. All of the leather care products we sell are used everyday in our workshop. Is it time to give your leather some "TLC"?   Enjoy!

2Jul 2013

Leather Selection

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Selecting the right leather for the right job is what makes our work so special. Here at Duvall Leatherwork we mainly use a cut of leather called a "side". The "sides" of leather shown in this picture are from Hermann Oaks Tannery, St. Louis Missouri. Enjoy!

17Jun 2013

Custom Cases

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Last weeks custom work; a pair of looking glass cases lined with red wool broad cloth. These two cases were entirely handmade by one of Duvall Leatherwork's fine artisan leather workers, Ed Hudanick. It seems as if I've taught him well! Great job Ed! Enjoy!

15Jun 2013

Shipping, Shipping, Shipping!

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Shipping, shipping, shipping...getting everyone ready for the big event! You still have some time to place your order in hopes of getting it for the Gettysburg events coming soon. Get your orders in NOW! Duvall Leatherwork will NOT be attending either Gettysburg event so that we can better serve you and your online orders. Enjoy!

4Jun 2013

Secret Service Belts

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This project came to us recently from the Netflix original series "House Of Cards" Season 2.  Their props department ordered 9 Secret Service duty belts and with the help of Hanover Brass we created a very functional, very realistic duty belt.  Hopefully more prop/film work will be headed our way!

8Mar 2013

Welcome to the all new Duvall Leatherwork.com

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Welcome to the all new Duvall Leatherwork.com! We’ve updated everything for an amazing online experience. Browse our all new product pages, enjoy the new photos of our workshop, learn from our historical research, and purchase your own piece of “World Class Craftsmanship”.   Want to be on top of all the new and exciting additions happening at Duvall Leatherwork.com? Then be sure to sign up for our mailing list. It’s fast, easy, and we promise not to bombard you with [...]

25Feb 2013


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Shown here is the process of “creasing”. Creasing is decorative line applied into the edge of a piece of leather using a tool called a “creaser”. The creaser is heated and worked along the edge of the leather as shown in the photo. Creasing is a very traditional decoration method used on saddlery, harness, historic military equipment, and even modern belts. The purpose of creasing is almost entirely decorative but it does help compress the edges of the leather for [...]