Some things in this world are truly unique and simply can’t be improved. Our Classic Bridle Leather waist belt is one of those things. This belt is constructed of American tanned English Bridle Leather and features a solid brass roller buckle. We use a single piece of waxed linen thread and two needles to hand stitch the buckle and standing loop – the part that secures the belt in place after the buckle – to the belt. Why take the extra time and effort to use this classic technique? A longing for tradition, satisfied in the art of hand-sewing, inspires us to forge deep into our craft. You’ll appreciate the classic harness-stitched look every time you wear this belt. You’ll also notice the well -formed, boxy standing loop, which is handsomely presented with the use of a loop iron. The metal form is used to make standing loops with crisp corners and defined edges. You’ll find craftsmanship details like this only in the workshop of Duvall Leatherwork.

This American tanned English Bridle Leather belt is made entirely by American hands in our Pennsylvania workshop. The Classic Bridle Leather waist belt is 1-1/2” wide and never stocked, only made to order. Use our sizing guide to correctly measure yourself for your new handmade belt.

Wrongfully measured waist size returns are subject to our RETURNS & EXCHANGE policy.