We use the most up to date real-time shipping calculators provided by UPS and USPS to ensure an accurate shipping price. Some products featured on Duvall allow the customer to choose their shipping method, others do not. Individual products under $100 USD may be shipped any way the customer desires, however over $100 USD must be shipped UPS and insured for the dollar amount enclosed. We have found from the thousands of shipping transactions we’ve encountered, UPS is our favorite shipping provider. They ensure complete customer satisfaction from our workshop to your door every time.

Due to the high cost of international shipping, overseas orders do allow the customer to choose their preferred shipping method. Remember, if you choice to keep the shipping cost low and do not opt for tracking or insurance, we cannot do anything about lost or damaged international shipments.

Are you local to our workshop? Then choose the “Local Pick-up” option at check out and save on the shipping. Pick-ups can only be made during the regular business hours listed below.

If your order is damaged or lost during an insured shipment your entire order will be replaced at no cost to the customer. This statement is void if the information provided to Duvall Leatherwork by the customer is or was incorrect. This statement is also void if your order is signed for by someone other than yourself or delivered and no signature is provided at the time of delivery. If your order is not insured we cannot help, so don’t be cheap, expensive shipping is good shipping.

We do our very best to ensure that your order arrives safe and sound at your doorstep. Just another way of showing our customer service is second to none!