Fine Leather Goods

Welcome to Duvall Leather, where we specialize in handcrafting fine leather goods that combine timeless elegance with exceptional durability. Based in Pennsylvania, our workshop is dedicated to creating high-quality products, including men’s leather wallets and full grain leather belts. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that every stitch and detail meets our exacting standards. Our commitment to using only the finest materials and traditional techniques results in leather goods that are not only beautiful but also built to last a lifetime. Discover the art of fine leather craftsmanship with Duvall Leather.

What our customers are saying…

  1. Gabriel Soto

    Packaging was phenomenal! My product was secure and protected thanks!
  2. Anonymous

  3. Thomas Etcher

    Easy to purchase and customer service was very responsive and helpful to my inquiry.
  4. Ashlyn

  5. joseph zbrzezny

    Very happy with all.
  6. James W.

    Duvall offers a variety of products, including a wide assortment of belts. I have made several purchases via the Duvall website, and I received my orders as ordered in a timely fashion. I keep returning to Duvall because it is an exceptional American business.
  7. Deborah Kinkle

    Very easy to navigate
  8. Kayla B.

    I ordered on Friday and it came on Monday!
  9. Thomas


  11. Tim Humphreys

  12. Sean

  13. Mandy Stonesifer

    I love everything I purchased. The rep that assisted me with my online order and gift cards was friendly, amazing and quick to respond. I will definitely purchase again in the future.
  14. Ryan M.

    Love the hats. I have a number of Duvall leather hats. Only negative was that I was sad to see such a small selection. I came on looking for a specific hat that I had seen in the past to find none of the old colors. These are my favorite hats I wear them everyday hope to see some of the older selections back.
  15. Lisa G.

    Awesome workmanship, gorgeous
  16. Daniel Clinton

    Got the wallet and the stitching was already falling apart. Shipped from their AZ warehouse so this seemed to be a non quality or custom product. The company has not responded to my request on quality as of last week.
  17. Anonymous

  18. Gabriela Johnston

    The website was easy to navigate and delivery was very fast!
  19. Jorge Covarrubias

  20. Michael Maloyed

    Everything was great, it took a little longer to get then what I expected, but still giving a 5 star.
  21. Anonymous

  22. Chelsea Laidlaw

  23. Erika O.

    I appreciated very much how fast my product was delivered, how I was kept informed with tracking information, and ultimately receiving a good quality product. I can only say thank you!!
  24. Jaska H.

    Great customer service - they listened to my special request, asked for the clarification that they needed, communicated clearly, and were able to give me what I had hoped for! Clear and simple website (and Etsy, too). Very reasonable delivery speed for what amounts to a made-to-order product. I would absolutely recommend these folks.
  25. Anonymous

  26. Carole Carbaugh

    Love my new Fanny pack.
  27. Porter C.

  28. David C.

  29. Karen G.

  30. Anonymous

    Great product and fast delivery with outstanding packaging. Good communication also.
  31. Sabrina P.

  32. Michael F.

    The site described it perfectly, and it was delivered with a few business days.
  33. Travis Green

  34. Thomas Van Heuklon

  35. John B.

  36. Anonymous

  37. Valerie A.

    My husband loves his new wallet, but he still hasn’t forgiven the puppy for chew up the last one he bought from you 15+ years ago!
  38. Valerie Fetchen

    Awesome product! Great quality craftsmanship
  39. John Donofrio

    I’ve been a fan of Duvall Leatherwork for many years and have also introduced family and friends. I’ve purchased several products and have always been impressed with the quality craftsmanship. The most recent purchase was another shoulder bag for my wife to celebrate our anniversary. Keep up the great job and thank you. I especially enjoy your flash sales which I often use to purchase gifts for family and friends.
  40. Valencia

    Website was easy to use and delivery was quick!
  41. Michael

  42. Mike G.

    Best trifold wallets to date! Had one made in Dark Mahogany Bison first, now the Black Bison, outstanding hides, colors, quality. It’s like the wallets from the past, USA made, top quality!
  43. Justin

    Awesome company
  44. John

    All good
  45. Keith

    Delivery was fast and the belt arrived in a nice box.
  46. John Livingston

  47. Anonymous

  48. Carole Carbaugh

    Kept me notified every step of the way. I know exactly when and where my package was every day.
  49. CIERRA

  50. Angie T.

  51. Bryan W.

  52. William Carter

    Customer service was fine, no issues . I have owned many wallets and this one is the absolute best.
  53. Anonymous

    Extremely easy to order and it arrived quickly!
  54. Anonymous

    Excellent experience in every way.
  55. Pete Davis

    Easy to use with quick shipping
  56. Nichole B.

    Excellent customer service and quality wallet! Thank you!
  57. Alexandra L.

    Fast and on time for Valentines Day.
  58. Karl Burghart

  59. ken k.

    quality not good ....... IT WAS GREAT. ! keep up your incredible work/craft needless to say: outstanding
  60. Lorie

    Question I asked was promptly answered.
  61. William

    Great workmanship and quick delivery.
  62. George T Lomas

    Excellent quality products and fast shipping
  63. Anonymous

    Great communication - fast shipping
  64. Jean

    Easy to navigate website
  65. Tim S.

    Great website. First learned of Duvall Leatherworks from Channel 16 Home and Backyard and have made 3 purchases to date.
  66. Rhonda

    Wonderful company with excellent customer service. Very high quality products. Fast delivery.
  67. Travis

    Quickly responded to my questions and helped apply the discount code, shipped next day!
  68. Cristy W.

    Scrolling to review all the items offered was easy and organized. The product I ordered was shipped quickly and the packaging was secure with easy to read labeling.
  69. Andrew D.

    Very easy to navigate. good view and description of the products. Very helpful with getting correct measurement
  70. Ian Arcuri

    love the website in particular, great color palette
  71. Thomas R.

    Beautifully packaged and delivered quickly!
  72. Kimberly Jennings