A Duvall Leatherwork artisan stitches together a quality leather wallet.

Private label manufacturing interests, please email contact@duvallleatherwork.com

We do not prototype or develop products.

Why Duvall Leather?

The Duvall Leather team of crafters are trained in-house to our standards of precision and quality.  As an independent, locally owned and operated company, Duvall Leather prides ourselves on our craftsmanship and customer service. Our success hinges on whether you get everything we promised until you’re utterly satisfied. What comes out at the end ultimately looks, feels and functions in ways that work no matter your aesthetic and lifestyle.

In house private label capabilities:

  • Industrial sewing
  • Die cutting
  • Foil stamping
  • Leather splitting
  • Leather skiving
  • Materials management
  • 16 years experience
  • 4,000 Sq ft manufacturing
  • Dedicated workforce focused on production