The word “handmade” has special meaning here at Duvall Leather. It means that I, Nick Duvall, and my fellow artisan crafters have personally constructed your order from raw material to finished product. Each piece from Duvall Leather comes with hours of attention revealed in every detail to masterfully create a treasure that will last a lifetime. We take pride not only in our products, we also are proud to offer the highest standard of customer service available. We will stop at nothing to ensure your experience with Duvall Leather is to your utmost satisfaction. With this in mind, we’d like to answer a few questions that always seem to come up.

We stand behind our work and can fix or repair just about any detail. Please send photos to and we can assist you further upon craftsman inspection. Unfortunately, we are unable to complete repair work on outside products.

All items are eligible for a return or exchange up to 30 days after your purchase. Please visit our returns page for more information and links to a return / exchange form.

Most orders ship within one to three days. If there is a delay, we will contact you. Also, if you have any question about a confirmed order, or if you feel you have not given us all the information we need to complete your order, please contact us at

We’ve made it super simple to order the correct size full grain leather belt.  Find the size tag on your current blue jeans and enter the waist size.  We’ll take care of the rest!

If you order a full grain leather belt and it just doesn’t fit, we will gladly exchange it for the correct size belt.  Please visit our returns page for more information on exchanging your belt.

We do not offer any kind of personal customization such as adding names, initials, dates, etc. to our products. Any other customization of our products can be requested by sending us an email at Please understand that product customization requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

On the day your order goes out the door, we’ll send you an email notification. At that time, you also will receive any tracking information associated with your order.

We are real people who work hard every day. We may always be on the move, but the fastest, most direct way to contact us is by phone at 570-855-1094 or email at If you know what you want and would like to place an order, please do it online. Our website is safe, secure and accurate.

Check out our leather care products and read the descriptions completely. No two products are alike, and no two products are used for the same thing.

The difference between full grain leather and top grain leather is simple. Full grain leather has not been split or sanded to remove imperfections. It’s often thick and firm. As for top grain leather, it’s been treated to remove imperfections like scars for a more polished look. At Duvall Leather, we use both. Full grain or top grain doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. It just tells you how the leather was treated before it was made into usable goods. That’s why we only source the finest full grain and top grain leathers from trusted and legendary tanneries and distributors.

As the name suggests, bridle leather was once used primarily for horse bridles. It’s not a particular cut, rather, it’s a treatment process. Bridle leather is finished using a combination of oils and waxes that give it a gorgeous appearance and also make it highly durable. The best belts, like the ones you’ll find at Duvall Leather, are made with bridle leather.

Boy, it’d be great if we had a simple answer for this one. We’d love to say excellent leather wallets last for eternity, but of course that would be dishonest. Nothing lasts forever. But we can get close. When you buy a Duvall Leather wallet, you may, in fact, get a lifetime of use out of it. A leather wallet can last 10 years, maybe more. It depends on how much you cram into it and how much you abuse it. Let’s put it this way – if you think you need to replace it after five years, you’re doing something wrong.

At Duvall Leather, we believe in American manufacturing, American jobs and American quality. We strive to source as many of our materials from domestic suppliers as we can. We do it because we know what it takes to be a small business in the U.S. We also know what made-in-America means for the quality of the products you depend on every day. You can buy from anywhere, but if you value hard work and the unrelenting pursuit of quality, it sounds like you already know what the right thing is to do.

Man-made leather might require more human effort to produce, but you know what it doesn’t need?

All those years it takes for a cow to mature and grow its hide.

Man made leather uses only about 20% real leather, ground to bits and mixed with fillers. It might smell real, but you know it’s fake when you touch it. It doesn’t wear the same. It looks manufactured. Real leather costs more because there are no shortcuts to getting it, and it works far better than any material that tries to imitate it.

Both vegetable-tanned leather and chrome-tanned leather have their benefits, and we use both here at Duvall Leather. It depends on what we’re working on. Chrome-tanned leather tends to have a more polished and consistent look, which our clients expect in products like women’s purses and the men’s toiletry bag. Other items, however, like men’s wallets or messenger bags, look better a little rough, with the natural creases and texture that vegetable-tanned leather offers.

At Duvall Leather, we call them men’s toiletry bags, but they’re utterly the same thing. Made popular by their inventor, Charles Doppelt, about a century ago, the dopp kit became an essential part of the traveling man’s luggage. A dopp kit or toiletry bag keeps your razor, shave cream and other bathroom essentials neatly away from your other cargo. Once you start using one, you’ll ask yourself how you made it this far using a zip top bag.