The word “handmade” has special meaning here at Duvall Leatherwork. It means that I, Nick Duvall, and my fellow artisan crafters have personally constructed your order from raw material to finished product. Each piece from Duvall Leatherwork comes with hours of attention revealed in every detail to masterfully create a treasure that will last a lifetime. We take pride not only in our products, we also are proud to offer the highest standard of customer service available. We will stop at nothing to ensure your experience with Duvall Leatherwork is to your utmost satisfaction. With this in mind, we’d like to answer a few questions that always seem to come up.

Most orders ship within one to three days. If there is a delay, we will contact you. Also, if you have any question about a confirmed order, or if you feel you have not given us all the information we need to complete your order, please contact us.
Measure your current belt from inside the buckle to the hole you use most often. The total length of the belt means nothing to us, so please don’t send that number to us.

Another way is to add two inches to the waist size you currently wear. For example if you wear size 36 pants, then order a size 38 belt.

Our belts are sized to fit – one at a time. The measurement you provide will be the size the belt is made. If it does not fit due to a poor measurement, we require a 15% return fee.


If you provided the incorrect waist size upon ordering, we will gladly exchange it for the correct size belt, however, your exchange is subject to a 15% fee. It is of the utmost importance that you provide us with a correct waist measurement. If you receive your order and a belt does not fit, it can be exchanged for the same belt at a different size.

If it’s our fault that you received the wrong size, we’ll gladly exchange your order for the right size at no cost to you.

At this time, we do not offer any kind of personal customization such as adding names, initials, dates, etc. to our products. Any other customization can be requested using the CONTACT form.
On the day your order goes out the door, we’ll send you an email notification. At that time, you also will receive any tracking information associated with your order.
We receive a lot of work here daily. In order to keep things moving and avoid confusion, we must have the right information for each job, including how to contact you. Please print and fill out a copy of our Shipping & Repair Form. It gives us all the information we need to repair or make your order as quickly as possible. Be sure to include it in the box when shipping your item.
We are real people who work hard every day. We may always be on the move, but the fastest, most direct way to contact us is by phone at 570-283-9297. if you know what you want and would like to place an order, please do it online. Our website is safe, secure and accurate.
Check out our leather care products and read the descriptions completely. No two products are alike, and no two products are used for the same thing.