Holiday Gift Requirements: Unique, Inspiring and Purposeful

Leather gifts aren’t quite like other gifts. A memorable gift should be unique, stimulate the senses and have a purpose.

You’d be set if the thing you gave the woman on your list achieves just one of those. Gifts from Duvall check all those boxes.

Leather looks, feels and smells incredible. Senses? Check.

Each design comes from the bench of Master Craftsman Nick Duvall. Skilled artisans build each piece in our Pennsylvania workshop. Unique? Check.

Finally, Duvall’s leather accessories are built for life. The more you use them, the better they become. Purpose? Check.

If you’re picking gifts for special women in your life, these 10 favorites from our shop should get you started.

1. A gift for lean travelers

Women’s Leather Wristlet

Duvall Leatherwork’s classic wristlets are a must-have for the woman who’s always on the go. This bag comes in clutch (pun intended) for any last-minute adventures, whether she’s spending a night out with friends, headed to a concert, or simply going on her morning coffee run.

Our leather wristlet strikes a balance between a wallet and a purse. It offers plenty of space for a phone, credit cards, and keys, while the lightweight, compact design makes it easier to carry than a full-sized handbag. She can even slip it inside a larger purse or tote bag to keep everything organized.

Our wristlets come in tons of colors, from timeless neutrals to bold, eye-catching shades. For an upscale look, check out our woven embossed wristlets made with gleaming, textured leather.


2. A gift for unforgettable first impressions

Leather Charlene Purse in Crimson Red and Black Leather

Everyone gets just one shot to make a first impression. Most people hit and miss, but you’re buying a gift for someone who nails it every time.

The Duvall Charlene Purse is a masterpiece in its own right with intricate details and an exquisite look and feel. It’s the kind of gift you wait until last for, after everyone else has opened theirs. You don’t pull this one out until the end.


3. A gift for the for the aspiring novelist

Leather Journal Cover

A leather journal cover is a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. This sleek cover will keep her notes secure as she heads to her next meeting and carries it around the office. In her free time, it’s perfect for jotting down her thoughts or writing the novel she’s always dreamed about writing.


4. A sensible gift for a practical woman

Women’s Petite Wallet

The petite leather wallet’s beauty is in its simplicity. It’s got card pockets, a zippered coin pouch and a space for cash. It’s elegant and thoughtful, just like she is.


5. A gift for the show-stopper

Leather Slouch Bag in Black Leather

Every stitch, fold and link in the black leather Slouch Bag by Duvall radiates sophisticated beauty with a touch of fun-loving mischief. If you’re trying to wow and woo her, stop scrolling here.


6. A gift for the trendsetter

Fanny Pack in Mocha Brown Leather

When fanny packs came back in style, the artisans at Duvall couldn’t help themselves. This take on the cross-generational favorite will undoubtedly light up the eyes of the woman on your list who loves to push the trends forward.


7. A gift for the day-tripper

Tote Bag in Red Brown Leather

If the special woman on your list can easily spend the whole day at an amusement park, Duvall’s tote bag should be an obvious pick. Roomy is an understatement. It’s got space for towels, snacks, phone chargers, a change of clothes — anything else?


8. A gift for the nostalgic woman

Brown Leather Purse Backpack

Remember the ’90s? Little backpacks were so cool. And just like fanny packs, they’re back! Trends turn like a giant wheel, it seems. The Duvall Leather backpack, however, is designed and crafted with timeless techniques, so this gift will never go out of style.

For a combo gift, check out the matching Petite Women’s Wallets.


9. A gift for the queen decorator

Petite Charlene Purse

This purse is nothing if not adorable, functional and formal. Give this gift to someone whom you’d never imagine would leave home for a night at the theater without a small handbag for the essentials.

Don’t overestimate its capacity. It’s got just enough room for a phone, some keys and one or two personal effects, but little else. Likewise, don’t underestimate its irresistible charm. It’s compact yet sophisticated and elegant, with the utmost attention to detail for this, the smallest purse in Duvall’s lineup.


10. A gift for someone who’s hard to buy for

Gift certificate


We get it — it’s tough to pick out the perfect gift. Luckily, you can always count on a gift card to save the day.

Our gift cards work in-store, online, and over the phone. Just choose how much, and leave the shopping to her. That’s the fun part anyway!