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Old machines that still get the job done!

The ability to split leather down to different thicknesses is a key factor in making professional looking products. Here Edward is using our 75 year old splitting machine to split lacing down to a very thin thickness. It has a mind of its own usually, but it still gets the job done after all these […]

Oiling Leather

Every historical reproduction we make is oiled with 100% Neatsfoot oil and finished with J&E Sedgwick leather grease. This small yet important step gives our leather a look and feel that has always separated Duvall Leatherwork from everything else. All of the leather care products we sell are used everyday in our workshop. Is it […]


Shown here is the process of “creasing”. Creasing is decorative line applied into the edge of a piece of leather using a tool called a “creaser”. The creaser is heated and worked along the edge of the leather as shown in the photo. Creasing is a very traditional decoration method used on saddlery, harness, historic […]