Our Philosophy

We believe things you use every day are worth indulging in.

Ours is a culture of convenience and speed, but what good is all that if you can’t enjoy and depend on things made with patience and superior craftsmanship, things made to last.

You may want Taco Bell delivered to your apartment because it’s super convenient – and that’s cool. But the belt that holds up your pants every day? We think that should be made with bridle leather carefully sourced from the world’s best tanneries, built with lasting hardware and time-tested technique.

Our products aren’t gaudy or flamboyant (don’t worry – you’ll probably still get compliments). They’re practical and versatile. They should complement you no matter what you’re doing. If they don’t look great and work right, then they’re worthless to you.

Nick Duvall, proprietor and master craftsman at Duvall Leather, tests every new piece exhaustively before putting it on the market.

“Sometimes it takes multiple prototypes to get it right,” he said. “Maybe you sit down with it, and you have a beer and you’re like: ‘I have a better idea.’”

He’s the kind of guy who wears Red Wing Iron Ranger boots because they look and feel amazing after three years of daily wear; whose own messenger bag – an earlier version of the one Duvall Leather sells now – hangs on a hook in his office with obvious signs of age, not to be confused with wear and tear.

Not trying to brag (okay, maybe we’re bragging a little), but we’ve spent 15 years perfecting our technique, and we’re confident that we’ve nailed the perfect combination of timeless style and superior functionality.

Our leather women’s handbags have feet and stiffeners on the bottoms that help them stand upright. Our own pants pockets are worn thin from how many times we’ve pulled out our leather wallets and stuffed them back in to make sure they fit right.

What comes out at the end ultimately looks, feels and functions in ways that work no matter your aesthetic and lifestyle.

The Duvall team of crafters are trained in-house to our standards of precision and quality and, to be perfectly honest, we’d be nothing without them. As an independent, locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and customer service. That’s one of the reasons we make it easy to return your order if you’re dissatisfied, although we don’t think that will happen. Our success hinges on whether you get everything we promised until you’re utterly satisfied. Our reputation, and really great handmade leather goods, are all we have, and we’ll defend them vigorously.