Leather Key Fob

Leather Key Fob for Security and Style
Except for your phone, you grab your keys more than any other personal item. Don’t mess around. Carry them with confidence on one of our fine leather key fob.

A leather key fob safely secures them with a solid clasp, button snap and of course, sturdy leather. More than a lanyard or jangly key chain, a key fob from Duvall Leatherwork lets you clip your keys to your belt loop or the inside of a bag.
Pick a from two styles and dozens of colorways
We give you more color options  so you can get just the right fit for you. Are you a black leather and chrome kind of person, or more muted with dark brown and copper? Somewhere in between with shiny brass and light brown?

After all, your keys are with you wherever you go. Hang them on a key snap that matches your own personal aesthetic.

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