Leather Patch Hats

A Leather Patch Hat — for When Quality Craftsmanship Is Part of Your Personal Brand

One thing happens a lot when someone tries a Duvall Leatherwork product for the first time. They discover how owning quality leather goods becomes an ongoing experience. Strong experiences need mementos, and that’s where the leather patch hat comes in.

It’s like buying a T-shirt after watching your favorite band. The experience changes you. It becomes part of your personal brand and identity, and you want to show it off.

We experience quality leather every time we strap on a belt, sling a bag over our shoulders, or slip out our wallets. Quality leather gives certainty and confidence. We feel it changing over time, but never losing its integrity. That experience becomes a part of the way we live.

The leather patch hat from Duvall is like a flag to the lifestyle that comes with using quality leather.

Show your commitment to small business

Duvall Leatherwork is a homegrown independent leather workshop based in Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley. We don’t outsource, subcontract or automate. Skilled artisans craft every piece painstakingly by hand, overseen personally by Master Craftsman and Designer Nick Duvall.

When you throw on your Duvall Leatherwork hat, it shows your commitment to local artisanship and small business.

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