Leather Valet Tray

A Leather Valet Tray for the Home Decorator Who Appreciates Fine Details

A leather valet tray signals order and organization. It accounts for all the other things you think about when rushing out the door and when you trudge back home again feeling like you’re on autopilot.

You put your everyday carry stuff in a valet tray so you know where it is when it’s time to go again.

At Duvall Leatherwork, we make exclusive leather goods and personal accessories with purpose. We carefully curate our inventory with things that add value and function to your life — we don’t do fluff. We carefully design and build leather goods with a distinctive look and feel that stand up to repeated use.

Why do you need a leather valet tray?

You could use a little woven basket, a wide metal ashtray or a porcelain dish to catch your keys and wallet in the foyer or on the dresser. Heck, you could use a cereal bowl. But you appreciate fine details and purpose-built decor. You order your life in such a way that you pay attention to the little flourishes now so you can count on them later.

That’s the same reason we love leather at Duvall Leatherwork. Master Craftsman and Designer Nick Duvall has spent thousands of hours developing Duvall Leatherwork’s products.

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