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  • Duvall Leather ladies wallet Beautiful red brown colored leather ladies wallet
    Elegance, meet reliability. Our time-tested technique and attention to detail reveal themselves in the Women’s Leather Wallet. We make it with full-grain leather, complementary snap button and stitching. Tuck cash and coins away safely in the inside zipper pocket, and hold up to 24 credit cards safely in their slots. Accordion folds hold whatever else you might need to stash on the go.
  • Brown Colored womens wallet women's leather wallet
    We crafted a women's leather wallet that's as dynamic and interesting as you are. The vintage flora pattern adds flair and originality to our elegant and reliable leather women's wallet design. It keeps cash and coins securely in the inside zipper pocket. There's pockets enough for up to 24 credit cards. Accordion folds hold whatever else you might need to stash on the go.
  • Ladies wallet from Duvall Leatherwork leather women's wallet in messenger brown color
    We touch a few things every day. Think car keys, smartphone, a handbag. If you're out and about or taking some time to recharge at home, chances are you'll grab your wallet at some point every day. Unlike your cell phone maker, we're not about planned obsolescence.  Our women's wallets won't wear out after two years or however long we keep tech around these days. Duvall's leather wallets are the kinds of personal accessories crafted to last. Like our other women's leather wallets, the messenger brown women's wallet holds cash and coins safely in the inside zipper pocket. It fits up to 24 credit cards comfortably. Accordion folds open wide to catch receipts, notes and just about as much – or as little – as you need it to hold.
  • All leather ladies wallet blood red ladies wallet all leather
    A personal accessory that sends a bold message, emphasis on "bold" – the blood red leather wallet for women brings an edgy combination of colors and textures to our classic women's leather wallet design. Don't worry – it's going to make an impression. Like Duvall's other premium women's wallets, this full-grain leather wallet safely holds cash, coins and other small valuables in a zippered pocket. There's enough room for up to 24 credit or business cards.
  • Ladies Leather wallet in Turquoise color Turquoise colored wallet used by Women
    Dust off the turntable and dig out the old LPs. This beautiful leather wallet for women takes you back to a simpler time when shiny diner restaurants and drive-in movie theaters ruled, around the time somebody first realized turquoise, ivory and silver look amazing together.
  • Womens credit card wallet made from black leather Leather wallet used to hold cash and credit cards
    Never compromise style for dependability or utility. The black Women’s Leather Wallet gives you all of the above. Our premium full-grain leather makes an utterly unique statement that, like everything from our shop, just gets better with age. The women's wallet comfortably holds up to 24 credit cards. There’s an interior zippered pocket for cash, coins and other valuables, and an accordion fold pocket toward the front to catch everything else.