Leather Repair

At Duvall Leather, we believe in the enduring quality and timeless style of leather goods. That’s why we’re passionate about offering expert repairs and restoration services. We don’t just fix tears and rips, we breathe new life into your favorite leather pieces.

Here’s why we do what we do:

  • We value longevity: We understand that leather goods are often investments. By repairing your cherished items, you extend their lifespan and keep them out of landfills.
  • We honor craftsmanship: Leather goods are made to last, and proper repairs ensure the quality and artistry behind each piece continues to shine.
  • We cherish your stories: Leather develops a unique patina over time, reflecting the experiences you’ve shared with it. We help preserve those stories for generations to come.

Let Duval Leather help you create new memories with the heirlooms you already love.

Repair Process

  1. Fill Out the Repair Form: To commence the restoration journey, kindly fill out our online repair form. Provide comprehensive details about your item, specify the repairs needed, and share any particular instructions. Don’t forget to attach clear pictures, allowing us to understand the nuances that require our expert attention. Repair Form
  2. Review and Estimate: Upon receiving your repair request, our meticulous team of artisans will thoroughly examine the provided information and images. We’ll then furnish you with a detailed estimate encompassing both the repair costs and shipping fees.
  3. Payment: Once you approve the repair estimate, proceed to make the payment for the repair and shipping costs. Our secure online payment system ensures a hassle-free transaction.
  4. Send Your Item: With payment confirmed, carefully pack your item and dispatch it to the address indicated in the confirmation email. Include a printed copy of the repair confirmation within the package.
  5. Expert Artisan Repair: Entrust your item to the skilled hands of our artisans. With a passion for their craft, they will meticulously work on your piece, addressing the specified repairs and upholding the original quality and aesthetic of your leather product.
  6. Return Shipping: Once the artisanal restoration is complete, we will securely pack and dispatch your item back to you. You’ll receive a tracking number to monitor the return shipment every step of the way.

Important Notes:

  • Our repair services are exclusively available for customers in the USA.
  • The responsibility for all shipping and repair costs lies with the customer.
  • Please allow a reasonable amount of time for the complete restoration process.

Thank you for choosing Duvall Leather. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to restore your leather items to their former glory!

Should you have any inquiries, our Customer Support team is always here to assist.