Messenger Bag
(Vintage Brown)

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Messenger Bag
(Vintage Brown)


Men don’t carry purses. Don’t worry. This isn’t one.

The Duvall Leatherwork messenger bag is the essential working man’s carry-all. It’s rugged, roomy and has a few thoughtful features that just make your life easier, like the short handle on top, an exterior newspaper pocket, and squared corners at the bottom that help it stay upright while you dig around inside.

Please note: color may vary slightly from bag to bag. Each one is made from a single piece of leather that may contain imperfections. But we don’t think of them as flaws, they’re more like beauty marks – part of each piece’s history.

Length 13-1/2″ x Width 3-1/2″ x Height 12″
Strap Length 42” – 47” from end to end
Strap Drop 20” – 23”
Custom strap lengths are available upon request