The Duvall Leatherwork Story

///The Duvall Leatherwork Story
Nick Duvall in his workshop

Nick Duvall of Duvall Leatherwork takes pride in creating leather goods that last a lifetime.

Duvall Leatherwork’s story doesn’t stop at the great products we sell online and from our Kingston, Pennsylvania, shop. We’re proud of our history and the dogged work we do every day to bring you premium, artisan-made leather goods.

We wanted to tell our story, so our founder and master craftsman Nick Duvall sat down one morning with local business writer Jon O’Connell to put it down. Read more about what brought Nick to Northeast Pennsylvania on our new About Us page, and learn what drives us every day on the new Our Philosophy page.TL;DR: When you shop Duvall, you support local craftsmen and craftswomen who work tirelessly to sell you something they hope you’ll never have to buy again.

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