The Mini Backpack Won’t Quit

woman sitting on bench wearing a white shirt and blue jeans holding black leather backpack purse

From wide-leg jeans to babydoll tees, nostalgic ’90s fashion trends are making a major comeback. But one iconic style stands out among the rest: the mini backpack.

These adorable bags were the must-have accessory of the era, and since then, they’ve had real staying power. Combining the fashionable, polished look of a purse and the utility of a backpack, this bag is simply a wardrobe staple.

Duvall Leatherwork has put a fresh, modern update on the popular mini backpack. At our artisan workshop in Pennsylvania, we spent countless hours designing our leather backpack purse until we created a bag that’s stylish, comfortable and durable all in one.

The Mini Backpack Meets Modern Luxury

Don’t be fooled – this isn’t the same backpack you carried in high school. Duvall Leatherwork’s backpack purse puts a refined, grown-up spin on a traditionally cute, girly style. Soft, buttery cowhide leather creates a luxe look, while gleaming silver hardware gives the bag just a bit of an edge.

We crafted the backpack purse in three gorgeous colors.

  • Sleek, classic black is a timeless favorite that will pair with everything in your closet.
  • The rich, caramelly brown features warm tones that will transition perfectly into late summer and autumn.
  • And our brand-new tundra backpack comes in a cool, earthy green that will have you dreaming of the mountains. This color offers an eye-catching alternative to traditional neutrals, yet it’s still subtle enough to match all of your favorite outfits.

No doubt, our leather backpack purse is a stunner, but we didn’t stop at looks. This functional bag also boasts space and convenience. It’s plenty large enough to hold all the essentials, like your phone, wallet and keys. You’ll even have room to stash larger items like sunglasses, a book, and a water bottle.

Even with all the storage space, the backpack purse remains light and compact. Comfortable, adjustable straps make it easy to sling it over your shoulder, or you can carry it like a handbag using the grab handle at the top.

three leather backpack purse product shots with black, green, and brown

Combining Style & Security

We’ve added next-level security features to keep all of your possessions safe. The main compartment snaps shut with a smart button clasp. The clasp lifts to open, making it impossible for a pickpocket to slip a hand into your bag. The leather drawstring top cinches tight for added protection.

Two zippered exterior pockets will safely hold your essentials. The front pocket is tucked beneath the security clasp so you can hide your phone and other valuables. The back pocket is a double-sided “through pocket.” It features zippers on the left and right sides so you can open it from either end. This spacious pocket can easily fit a large wallet or an oversized phone, and it’s just out of reach from potential thieves.

interior shots of the brown, green, and black mini backpack purse

A Leather Bag Makes the Perfect Companion Bag

Our mini backpack purse is all about versatility. The premium leather always looks sharp, whether you dress it up or pair it with casual jeans and a tee. With a quick outfit change, this bag can go from a laidback coffee date to a night on the town.

When it comes to travel, the backpack purse can handle any adventure. The strong straps will keep your hands free while you’re exploring, while the security features provide peace of mind. Unlike a bulky tote or a heavy pack, this bag can store everything you need for the day and still look super cute. From a day at the music fest to a weekend trip to the winery, this bag lives up to any occasion.

Like all of our products, the backpack purse stands up to the wear and tear of everyday life. We build our bags to last with premium materials and master craftsmanship. We’ve even reinforced the wear points to give the bag extra durability.

Duvall’s Leather Mini Backpack Is More Than a Trend

The mini backpack purse has endured for decades and isn’t going out of style any time soon. With the timeless look of leather and our handcrafted design, our backpack purse will last you a lifetime.

mother holding hands with sons and wearing the leather backpack purse in brown

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