Men's Leather Dress Belts

Types of full grain leather belts

Now that you’ve got the materials, the style and the craftsmanship, you can start to experiment with belt styles. You’ll find these kinds of belts here at Duvall Leatherwork.


Men’s Dress Belts

Dress belts are not quite as versatile as everyday belts, but every man should have one whether they work in an office or not. Because without one, every time you wear that department store belt to a formal event, you just look like you’re trying too hard. Let’s make it easier: Duvall’s Men’s Dress Belts include the Metro Belt and the Freelance Belt.

Men’s Everyday Belts

Everyday belts go great with just about everything, except maybe a tuxedo. Jeans, slacks, shirt and tie, khakis and golf shirt. The only question is whether it matches your style.

Removable Buckle Belts

This is a subsection of the everyday belts, but worth making note of because we know there’s a particular subset of fine leather goods shoppers who also like to customize their belt buckles. Belts with removable buckles include the Roller Buckle Belt.

The Full Grain Leather Belt break-in period

If you’ve never felt brand new, quality full grain leather goods, the first time could be a little strange. New leather feels surprisingly stiff and rigid. That’s because it needs to break in. The leather break-in period is the part where you make your leather belt, bag or wallet your own. This is the part where the story begins. Depending on how you use it, your leather belt might achieve a soft, supple and flexible feel in a month or two. If you’re gentler, and don’t strap it on as often, your belt might hold that stiffer feel for much longer. Over time, you’ll get to know your leather goods. You’ll learn to appreciate that responsive, graceful aging process.

No matter what, these premium men’s leather belts only look and feel better with time. For most men, a belt is the kind of personal accessory they think about buying maybe once in a decade. Don’t suffer through with a cheap, blended leather belt for 10 years (if it even lasts that long). Take a stand for quality, handcrafted men’s accessories and feel proud every time you buckle on your belt.

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